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It's not our biography you want, it's Connie and Reg's. Here's the deal, we're just a couple of shmoes here who stumbled on this ultra mod, super odd, time warped duo named Connie and Reg. They don't talk much, and when they do, they're usually that doesn't help much.
From what we've managed to get out of them so far is that Reg has been a musician for years and has worked with people like Alice Cooper, Roger Moore aka James Bond, Daniel Lanois, Diana Ross...and Phil Spectacle(?)...who knows? Seems he's written lots of music and been heard by millions (well, according to him). He claims he got fed up of his genius constantly being hidden in the background with others taking credit for his great ideas. He also claims to have discovered Zamfir, master of the panflute. Whatever. As for Connie, little is known about Connie. Her voice is low, she wears to much make-up, drinks like a sailor and swears like a trucker. I heard a rumor that her birth name was actually "Conrad"...but I haven't plyed her with enough liquor to be able to substantiate that either way...


Connie likes Gin, cigarettes, and the occasional umbrella drink, and warbling along to Reg's music. She likes to think of herself (wrongly) as a "female Jack Karouwack"(sic) - assuming he'd been made over by "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"... Reg is obsessed with music and his ukulele, but also shows quite an interest and talent for Scotch! Both seem to enjoy the mid to late sixties (if their wardrobe and sense of style is any indication), with the bon vivant attitude. They're also into mid century modern architecture, or is that they ARE mid century modern architecture? I never seem to be able to get that right...